Through our work, we aim to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research while helping those suffering with a brain tumor have a better quality of life.

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Brain Tumor AllianceBrain Tumor Alliance’s Mission is to provide emotional and financial support for families affected with brain tumors while also raising awareness and funding for research and clinical trials.

New Brand. Same Mission

Barb and Bob Gibbs initially founded Brain Tumor Alliance in Clearwater, Florida in 2008 under the name Miles for Hope.

Debbie and the rest of the team continued to follow the vision that the organization had already laid out which included venturing into various cities across the country organizing race events that would help fund brain tumor research as well as financial aid for brain tumor patients and their families.

In 2014, Miles for Hope harnessed a newfound energy and wanted to expand beyond just race themed events, thus igniting the concept to rebrand as Brain Tumor Alliance.   

This new name and vision provided everyone a clear understanding of what the organization does and greater flexibility to expand beyond the “races for research model”.  “Over the years, the human element of this organization has been overshadowed by the research aspect.  Our goal is to bring back the 'who' in what our organization stands for” explains Sylvia Thoma, events coordinator.  The size of the organization and the connections they have allow the Brain Tumor Alliance to do something many larger organizations can’t—make individual connections with survivors and their families to provide important resources they desperately need.  

To date, Brain Tumor Alliance has donated $600,000 to brain tumor research, clinical trials and community donations.  In addition reaching numerous cancer patients with over $24,000 worth of financial assistance to get them to and from treatment centers. 

Testimonial from Donna C.

I want to thank the Brain Tumor Alliance for the assistance that they have given to me with travel to my treatments at Duke University.  It has been a great relief because of my mounting medical expenses.  Not only have they graciously paid for my airfare, but they have also agreed to pay for someone to travel with me.  These trips have been quite challenging for me, especially when thinking and processing has become very difficult for me.  It has been wonderful to have the understanding from the Brain Tumor Alliance.  They have allowed someone to travel with me as the brain tumor Alliance understands these challenges and has offered this support to me.  Having someone accompany me to navigate the airports and provide care giving during the treatments is enormous.  It has been wonderful working wit Brain Tumor Alliance and its caring staff that truly help people during this traumatic time.

Donna C.

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Brain Tumor Alliance invites you to join us for one of our exciting events across the nation, or start one of your own to raise critically needed funding and awareness of brain tumors.

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Over 200,000 people are diagnosed with a brain tumor each year, one every 3 minutes. We need your help and support in order to raise awareness and find a cure.

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