Through our work, we aim to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research while helping those suffering with a brain tumor have a better quality of life.

Brain Tumor Fundraising Tips & Ideas

We encourage all supporters to raise funds to support Brain Tumor Research and we are here to help you. We have provided you with some helpful hints, tools and resources below, as well as how Brain Tumor Alliance will assist you in your efforts. To be successful in your fundraising efforts, we encourage you to set a fundraising goal.

Online Fundraising is one of the most effective ways to raise funds. We have provided Fundraising Instructions to assist you in setting up your fundraising page. Start your own personal fundraising page here.

Set goals for yourself or your team. It has been shown that those who set a fundraising goal are more successful in their efforts.

Collect donations at the time you ask for them. If someone agrees to make a donation, it is always best to collect it at the time they agree. This will save you time in not having to ask for the donation again. Some people feel uncomfortable asking again for the donation.

Ask a business you frequent to support your efforts. (nail salon, hair dresser, restaurant, etc.) You never know who may be touched by the cause you are fundraising for. Be sure to ask all businesses you frequent to sponsor you.

Share your fundraising link on your social network pages (such as Facebook, Google+, Myspace, etc) Social network pages are a great location to ask for donations. Be sure to send out frequent notices every couple of days leading up to the event.

Ask a club, team or group you belong to for a donation. If you belong to a club, team or group, ask them to donate to support your cause.

Hold a fundraiser, have a yard sale, bake sale or car wash. Great time to get rid of that "stuff", hold a yard sale, all for a good cause. Or make up a few batches of that favorite cookie, cake or snack recipe and tempt others to donate for a good cause.

Celebrate. If a birthday or holiday is coming up, tell your family and friends that in lieu of a gift, you would like them to make a donation to the Brain Tumor Alliance in your honor.

Use your talents. If you are crafty, make something and either give the item(s) away in return for a donation, or make an item and raffle it off. Explain to those who donate that by making a donation, their name goes into the "hat" for their chance to win the item you created. Or for those who are less crafty, purchase a spool of grey ribbon at your local craft store, cut the ribbon in 5" lengths. Make the ribbon into the shape of an awareness ribbon and hold in place with a safety pin. This is a simple way to have the ability to provide a gift to your potential donors.

Share your message in your emails. Add the applicable message to your signature line of your emails. You never know how many potential donators will see the link to your fundraising page in the emails you send out. Example: I'm helping find a cure for brain cancer! If those with cancer are able to fight day in and day out, I can help raise the funds needed for a cure...join my fight at (Your fundraising page link goes here)

Email Your Friends and Family after you set up your fundraising page. You will have to ability to email the link directly from your fundraising page to your friends and family. Soon, credit card donations will start rolling in. When emailing friends, add a "PS" asking for their support or add the above tag line that can be added through outlook automatically to every email you send.

Make a List and Check It Twice. Make a list of potential donors. Include everyone you know. Start by making a donation to yourself online. A fundraising page that has donations sets the tone for others to give.

One a Day. Ask a different person each day to make a contribution. If you get four $25 gifts, you will have raised $100 in less than a week. Don’t be afraid to ask for larger gifts. Cancer affects us all, and you will see that people are happy to donate.

Double Your Money. Many employers offer matching funds programs. Your $50 donation could turn into $100. Inquire with your personnel/HR department to complete the paperwork required to get your gift matched.

The Power of the Pen. Try fundraising the old-fashioned way - send a letter in the mail to friends, family, and co-workers asking for their support. Let them know if you are participating in honor of someone. Be sure to explain why the cause is important to you; heartfelt messages get the best response. Don’t forget to send a thank you note to people who donate.

Bring It Along. Take your Web site's address and donation forms with you everywhere you go and ask everyone you interact with to sponsor you.

Talk It Up. Remember, the fight against cancer is a great cause, and most people want to help. Ask for a few minutes on the agenda of any meetings you will be attending. Explain why you are participating and ask for everyone’s support. If you are dedicating your efforts to someone who has had cancer, be sure to tell that person’s story.

Offer Food. Have healthy treats to offer your friends, family, and co-workers for a small gift to Brain Tumor Alliance. Most people can be tempted to donate.

Clean House. Clean out your garage or home and set up a Brain Tumor Alliance donation booth in exchange for your finds. Ask your friends and neighbors to donate their stuff to you, explaining that all proceeds go to the fight against cancer.

Pin It Up. Post your Web site address or donation form on the bulletin board at church or temple, in the office, at the gym, or at school. Make sure to highlight your name, phone number, email address, and team Web page address.

Send the Message. Change the recording on your voicemail or answering machine to mention Brain Tumor Alliance and how callers can make a donation. Then, when you call people back, ask them to sponsor you.

Fundraising Tips for Success

Week 1:

  • Put in your own $10 contribution
  • Ask your spouse for $10
  • Ask your supervisor for $10
  • Ask 1 co-worker for $10

Week 2:

  • Ask four friends for $10
  • Ask four relatives for $10
  • Ask three neighbors for $10

Total: $150.00

See how easy it is to raise $150 in 2 weeks!